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IceSea sea & fresh water flaked ice system

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IceSea Ice Makers represent state of the art in ice makers for marine sport fish fishing. IceSea Ice Makers provide a continuous supply of fresh water crushed ice or salt water brine ice for the fish or drink box. And, they are up to 66% more energy efficient than other ice makers.

Visit the IceSea Web Site for more information.

  • Salt or Fresh Water Ice Production.
  • Continuous crushed ice making harvest time delays.
  • Up to 66% more energy efficient than ice cube models.
  • Up to 53% more energy efficient than other crushed ice models.
  • Split System allows auger to be remote mounted from condensing unit.
  • Heavy duty Stainless Steel Auger & Evaporator assembly.
  • Freezing chamber cleaning delay permits drive motor to start with no loads.
  • Electronic Control Board:
    • Electronic bin level control
    • Conductivity probe to determine if there is water in the reservoir
    • Current meter to measure the amp draw of the auger drive motor
IceSea Ice Makers IceSea Ice Makers
IceSea Ice Makers IceSea Display
New Compact System Digital Control, Split System
IceSea Self Contained Model
IC800W-115-60-F(SC) Call for Pricing IC1200CW-220-60-F(SC) Call for Pricing
IC800W-115-60-FQ Call for Pricing IC1200CW-220-60-FQ Call for Pricing
IC800W-115-60-FS(SC) Call for Pricing IC1200CW-220-60-FS(SC) Call for Pricing
IC800W-115-60-FSQ Call for Pricing IC1200CW-220-60-FSQ Call for Pricing
IC800CW-220-60-F(SC) Call for Pricing IC2400CW-220-60-F Call for Pricing
IC800CW-220-60-FQ Call for Pricing IC2400CW-220-60-FS Call for Pricing
IC800CW-220-60-FS(SC) Call for Pricing IC2400CW-220-60-FSQ Call for Pricing
IC800CW-220-60-FSQ Call for Pricing    
IC1100-115-60-F(SC) Call for Pricing    

Model IC800 Self-Contained: 22 ½"L x 16 ¼"Wx 20"H
Model IC1200 Self- Contained: 22 ½"L x 16 ¼"W x 23"H

Note: All models include the system's raw water cooling pump. Subtract $100.00 for units less raw water pump. For Air & Water cooled condensing Units, add $1,800.00.

The IC800 & IC1200 kit includes: Master control center pre-wired harness with quick disconnect for components, ice machine auger assembly, condensing unit, 15' of ice delivery hose with insulation, electronic ice level control with storage bin sensor, ice delivery orifice and Installation/operation manual.

The IC800 & IC1200 kit DOES NOT include: Sea Strainer, thru-hull with forward facing scoop, seacock, raw water-cooling intake and discharge hoses, freshwater shutoff valve, freshwater hose, electrical wiring to circuit breaker panel, circuit breaker, refrigeration cooper and related miscellaneous hardware (the 'Q' model has pre-charged refrigerant lines).

F = Fresh Water Ice; S = Salt Water Ice; Q = Flexible Quick Connect Refrigerant Lines

Optional equipment:
Dual Bin Sensor Kit: (Includes 15' ice delivery hose, hose insulation, storage Bin sensor and Ice Delivery orifice.    796.00
Condensing water automatic flow valve (Used were average water temperature is below 50°F. 886.00
Upgrade Condensing water flow pump to 500 gph (Used were average water Temperature is above 95°F 355.00

All prices are subject to change. Please contact us to confirm prices and availability.

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