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Ecomar Sewage Treatment  Systems

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ECOmar Sewage Treatment Systems        PRODUCTS: ECOmar 20, ECOmar 32, ECOmar 45, ECOmar 70, ECOmar 145, ECOmar 340
ECOmar treats and discharges overboard disinfected sewage in compliance with international and USA regulations. Gray, black and waste water treatment.

ECOmar is able to treat grey and blackwater in compliance with international standards and to render it dischageable directly into the sea, without solid residues.

The chemical-physical reactions inside disinfect the waste water and reduce the sediment dimensions so that the water becomes clear and odorless and can be discharged directly overboard. At the end of every cycle, an automatic washing of the tank is made with clear sea water. The ECOmar central body, mounted on a strong steel chassis, is available in stainless steel material for all models, and in polypropylene for models, 20, 32 and 45.

The LCD electronic control panel with micrproceesor (electro-mechanical control panel for models 145 and 340) manages automatically all the functions of the grey and blackwater system.

ECOmar has a very low electric power consumption and can also work in manual emergency mode.

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-POLLUTION FREE: the disinfectant liquid does not release poisonous substances
-NO RESIDUALS ON BOARD: installation of sludge tank not required
-EASY TO USE: totally automatic and able to operate manually in an emergency
-COMPACT: designed to work in small engine rooms
-VERSITILE: available in 24V D.C. and 230/400V A.C.
Other voltages and frequencies available.
-Available in 6 versions:
ECOmar 20, ECOmar 32, ECOmar 45, ECOmar 70, ECOmar 145, ECOmar 340

Ecomar 45
Ecomar 45

Ecomar 32
Ecomar 32

Ecomar 20
Ecomar 20

US Coast Guard Approved
US Coast Guard Approved

Lloyd's Register Approved
Lloyds Register Approved

ECOmar Sewage Treatment Systems
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Sewage Treatment Systems

Ecomar 340
Ecomar 340

Ecomar 145
Ecomar 145

Ecomar 70
Ecomar 70

Lloyd's Register ECOmar US Coast Guard certified only for SS-Stainless Steel INOX version of Ecomar 6-8-16-24-50 & 120.

ECOmar systems approved by the Lloyd's Register in compliance with the IMO/MARPOL no. MEPC. 227 (64) and European Directives (MED) 96/98/EC and Subsequent amendments Ecomar 20-32-45-70-145-340 & 545.

Indian Coast Guard.

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Flow Diagram
Flow Diagram

Dosage Tank and Pump



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