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       Marine environmental systems for water and air treatment.

XTC Series SeaXchange Watermakers

Easy to use Desalination

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Dometic SeaXchange XTC Series reverse-osmosis watermakers create freshwater from a variety of sources that's ready for use. Each easy-to-use SeaXchange system features a compact design and high-quality components designed for continuous high performance. Contact Us for more SeaXchange XTC Series info.
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SeaXchange Systems Remove 95%-99% of Total Dissolved Solids from Seawater.

XTC Series SeaXchange Watermaker

Fully Automated

Designed on the same principals as our other systems except the XTC Series is fully automated – just press start and it takes cares of the rest.

ZTC Compatible

Designed to operate seamlessly with the ZTC Double Pass spot-free system, and features a fully mechanical backup if automation fails.

Optimized Performance

Depending on the flow rate and feed water conditions, the system will automatically optimize pressure and flow rate for consistent performance.

Built to Last

No plastic here! All components are crafted from 316L stainless steel, from the high-pressure pump to the boost pump motor shaft.

Contact Us for more SeaXchange XTC Series info.