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"The Professional Captain's Choice"

Yacht-Mate Products is dedicated to the development and provision of the finest quality yacht environmental systems and equipment available for any size vessel- motor and sailing yachts, sportfishing boats, console boats and commercial marine vessels.

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Tecnicomar Water Makers
Tecnicomar Watermakers
Reverse Osomosis

Fine Quality - Excellent Prices
SK Watermakers
SK Watermakers
Reverse Osomosis

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ULTRA Anchors
ULTRA Anchors
Eco Friendly

Swivels & Quickline
Flat Line & Reel

Yacht-Mate Products offers over 25 years of experience in the Environmental Field of Water and Air purification systems for land and sea based applications. Today, we bring the benefits of this expertise and knowledge to everyone who enjoys boating. We also understand that along with the passion for being on the water there are also several areas of serious concern aboard your vessel. Your health, comfort, and the environment are our primary focus.
Green Marine Ecology
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Yacht-Mate Products offers Marine Water Softeners (seen on the left) of all sizes for all applications and boat sizes. Yacht-Mate has both manual and automatic water softeners in single and twin tank packages.

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Our Goal is to Provide Quality Marine Products and Programs

Is the quality and microbiological integrity of your drinking and fresh water a priority to you? Do the odors stemming from mold, mildew, moisture, or both your bilge and waste tank make you feel like staying ashore? Yacht-Mate Products specifically address all these issues and more! Our systems offer the most advanced technologies. We strictly produce state-of-the-art products that help to ensure your boating experience is more leisurely and enjoyable than even before, the way you expect and deserve it to be.

Yacht-Mate provides a variety of products to put your mind and senses at ease. We invite you to browse through our Yacht-Mate Products system descriptions. As boating enthusiasts ourselves, we know you'll be glad you did!

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Yacht-Mate Products
Yacht-Mate Products
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