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Harsonic Hull Antifouling System
Ecological Ultrasound Method for Clean Hulls
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Harsonic Hull Antifouling System Warranty Harsonic Hull Antifouling System

Extend the Life of Bottom Paint for Years!
See the Testimonial Below

Harsonic® avoids the initial step of the fouling, called biofilm. Eliminating the biofilm prevents the development and the attachment of barnacles, mussels, oysters and algae. Harsonic® for Boats keeps the hull of your boat clean without taking the boat out of the water every year for cleaning and repainting.

Harsonic is the only ultrasound manufacturer who gives a 5 Year Warranty.

Harsonic Antifouling Transducers Controls

Features and Benefits
  • Highly effective against fouling on hulls and propellers (algae, grasses, barnacles, mussels)
  • Avoids biofilm in fuel & water tanks (also diesel bacteria), thrusters, piping, heat exchange systems.
  • Saves fuel
  • Increases speed
  • Saves annual expenses of antifouling
  • No more laborous maintenance
  • Environmentally safe & friendly
  • The lowest power consumption (6W) with the biggest range (40m2 with 1 transducer!)

Harsonic Hull Antifouling System Yacht- See Testimonial Below
Harsonic Yacht Testimonial

How Does It Work

After years of Research and Development, Harsonic has developed and manufactures antifouling systems using a wide variety of specific ultrasonic waves at frequencies scientifically proven to attack and destroy biofilm bacterial cell membrane with efficient and efficaciously way with no exceptions which cause no harm to marine life, people, plants or pets. Clean surfaces for 2 to 4 times longer.

Harsonic Yacht Testimonial
Harsonic Yacht Testimonial

I, Francisco Belso, Captain of a Yacht with a length of 29 meters (95 feet), I could like to make an honest testimonial about my experiences with the Harsonic devices. I would prefer not to mention the name of the yacht for privacy reasons but I repeat my testimonial is completely true.

I first saw the Harsonic people at the exhibition Boot Dusseldorf. At first, I couldn't believe what they were telling because it seemed to good to be true.

As the Harsonic manager promised me a "no good money back warranty", I thought "Why not? In this case I don't take any risk".

Harsonic Yacht Testimonial

For the yacht, I needed 3 transducers. I took the simple version on 230V. I decided also to take the application in the tank because as a Captain, I cannot afford any engine problems caused by the diesel. So, one more Harsonic device for tanks to glue on my diesel tank to avoid the bacteria fuel problem.

I installed myself the 3 transducers for the hull of the yacht. The installation of the Harsonic devices was really easy because the system only needs fix the transducers with 2 components to the hull or fuel tank and connect to the power. Before installing, the hull was cleaned with high pressure and after that I've put the same antifouling as always, namely International UNIPRO.

We have been navigating in the Mediterranean and Caribbean where the water is very warm. The boat was navigating for 27 weeks and was laying still the rest of the year in the Mediterranean. After I year, we took the boat out of the water and we saw that the result was very, very good.

Compared to other years, with the same antifouling, we saw a big difference. It was not necessary to clean the boat with high pressure. Harsonic really saves us a lot of money on antifouling, on lifting, on maintenance and most important on fuel!

I would recommend it to everybody and I'm glad I made this decision to buy it.
Sincerely yours,
Capt. Franciso Belso


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