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IOXmar Odor Systems IOX Air Sanitizers for Marine Applications

The IOX Air Sanitizer product line is designed for the marine environment to provide with indoor clean air for any size boat, yacht, mega yacht, ship, and marine service buildings. The Advanced Oxidation Plasma (AOP) created by the IOX Air Sanitizers will clean, sanitize, and eliminate odors from all indoor areas of your vessel without using chemicals or leaving residues.

Green Technology Eliminate odors from fumes like diesel, smoke odors, stale air and humidity related odors, and the dreaded bilge and holding tank eventual odors. Protect your asset from the effects of humidity and mold. The AOP will search and destroy mold spores at the molecular level in the air and on any exposed surface. The sanitization effect of the AOP will provide you and your family, your guests, and your crew with fresh air free of viruses, bacteria, or other pollutants.

Yacht Applications Include:

  • State Rooms
  • Bilge
  • Living Quarters, Cabins
  • Reverse Sick Yacht Syndrome
  • Holding Tanks
  • Galley - Cooking Odors
  • Heads
  • Many more applications
IOXmar 200
IOXMar 200
18L X 4W X 4D
Bilge Odor Treatment System

The IOXmar 200 Bilge Treatment System is ideal to rapidly and effectively reduce or eliminate common Bilge problems.

Two output tubes to accommodate 2 hoses if desired, for different areas of treatment.

The IOXmar 200 can be installed to deodorize the bilge area in general (no need to install hoses) or one hose to bilge and one directly into holding tank, or other combination.

Manufactured with corrosion resistant materials for long term performance.

Stainless Steel casing and components.

PVC hose provided.

Environmentally friendly. No chemicals used, no residue. Low power usage (1 Amp)

One year Guarantee in parts, from date of purchase.

Price: $1250.00

IOXmar 300
IOXMar 300
Portability and Benefits:
  • Low Maintenance
  • No installation required
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Light Weight (only 12 lbs)
  • Portable
  • Plugs in regular 120V outlet
  • Patented Technology
  • Made in USA
The IOX 300 is ideal to rapidly and effectively reduce or eliminate common indoor air pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, and VOCs in the air and surfaces. Due to the two powerful 9 inch PHI Cells, the IOX 300 is perfect for shock treatments, cleaning operations or daily maintenance. Count on IOX 300 for quick and efficient solutions.

The IOX 300 is proven to drastically reduce or eliminate tobacco odors, most chemical fumes, mold spores, VOCs (chemical odors), viruses, cooking odors, decaying organic matter, wet odors, sewer odors, and bacteria found in many rooms. In the case of bacteria, viruses and mold spores, reductions are normally above 90% in a relatively short time.

Rental Only: $100 per day


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