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Brew Express Wall Mount Coffee Maker

At last, a built in the wall coffee maker, perfect for boats!

The revolutionary new design of the Brew Express blends contemporary style, performance and convenience into an easy-to-use appliance that makes brewing coffee a pleasure. The Brew Express installs into the wall and directly to the water and power supply, so it integrates into any galley or wet bar. You will enjoy a fool proof and convenient brewing experience, all without spilling a drop of water.

Download more information from the PDF's below and order your Brew Express now!

Click for PDF Brew Express 4 Cup Brochure
Click for PDF Brew Express 4 Cup Features
Click for PDF Brew Express 4 Cup Specifications
Click for PDF Brew Express 4 Cup Spec. Sheet
Click for PDF Brew Express 10 Cup Brochure
Click for PDF Brew Express 10 & 4 Cup Specifications
BE-110-BS 10-cup Programable Stainless Steel $Inquire
BE-110 10-cup Programable w/ Satin Chrome $Inquire
BE-104R-133A 4-cup Programable w/ Satin Chrome Bezal & Carafe $Inquire
BE-104R-113A 4-cup Programable w/ Satin Chrome Carafe $Inquire

Brew Express
Brew Express
10 cup Brew Express

Brew Express
10 cup Brew Express

Water Meter
Easy to use
Shuts off automatically measures gallons (1200 gal max) then needs to be reset

Click for Larger Image

Water Meter
Click for Larger
Clean & Restore Your Softener
With Pro Softener Mate Resin Cleaner!

(For regular Maintenance)

Pro Rust Out
(For Iron Water)

Cleans what salt cannot!
$5.00 each

Digital Water Meter
  • Mount on end of hose or pipe
  • Small, simple and sturdy
  • LCD reads flow rate and totals
  • Choice of gallons or liter
  • Works on any pump or gravity feed system with 3-30 gpm flow
  • 2 Settings 1 resetable -1 cumulative
    GPI-DH20   $195.00
Hardness and Iron Test Kits
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to read results
  • Measures in GPG hardness
  • Measures in PPM iron
  • Compact case
  • Reliable, with a good shelf life
  • A must have with any yacht
PP-HRD Hardness Kit $50.00
TW-FE1 Iron Kit $95.50

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